Tuesday, 26 February 2013

So I Eat Breakfast At 4pm. What Of It?

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Who's enjoying summer? HOLLAA!! It's the best.
Now, I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but I've got a great recipe I've found that is a breakfast. I usually eat this after work, at about 4pm.
It's cool, it's colourful and it is pretty high in Omega-3 fatty acids*, which is what we like.

You'll need these...

A Granny Smith Apple (grated)
Chia seeds
Linseed seeds
Shredded coconut
Dried Cranberries
Crunchy nuts / seeds
(eg. almonds or cashews - roasted is best - or sunflower seeds)
A dash of soy milk.

Take ONE TABLESPOON of each dry ingredient,
chuck it in your breakfast bowl and give it a stir.

Shred your apple with a bit of good grating...

...add shredded apple to dry ingredients, along with a dash of milk and give it a stir, making sure all the little seeds are not left on the side of the bowl.

The liquid from the apple and the milk will be absorbed by the chia seeds and they'll swell up into a gel, don't freak out, that's what they are meant to do. By the end, there shouldn't be much liquid left at the bottom of the bowl, just a fresh mix of flavours.

By making up twice as much, you can store the dry ingredients ready to use quickly with just the grate of an apple.


Now you, go off, make some breakfast, eat some green apple.

 <<inspiration coming from here, go visit her!>>


*whaaaaaaaaat? there's more.


There are actually a few types of
Omega-3 fatty acids.
The 'Omega' refers to the methyl end of the carbon chain and the '3' indicates where the
 first double bond can be found
 (in reference to the methyl group).
 These acids are polyunsaturated,
which means they have
more than one double bond in their chain
- that's really good for reacting with the less wanted chemicals in your body and getting rid of them.
Man, how fun is Chemistry!

Here's a structure of ALA - alpha linolenic acid - in case you were interested.
 You were, weren't you? You love chemistry too, I know.


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